Partnership Pillars

The 3 pillars of providing the perfect end-to-end adhesive solution to our clients.

Superior Adhesive Technologies

The foundation of our partnership is built on defining and delivering the perfect adhesive solution for your specific application.

This belief is driven by the principle that ‘less is more’ and ‘better is best’. Our pursuit of continuous improvement and development allows us to guarantee cost reductions and performance improvements.

  • Maintenance Impact
  • Rheological Performance
  • Performance Consistency
  • Environmental Resistance
  • Organic vs Synthetic
  • Price vs Yield
  • Adhesion Performance
  • Environmental Impact
  • Processing Variances
  • Adhesion Performance

Optimisation & Control Systems

A superior adhesive does not necessarily mean a superior outcome. Development and implementation of proven control systems is key to the ultimate outcome.

This includes the development and implementation of performance standards, Quality Control Systems and production checks to guarantee optimal performance every day.

  • Optimal Usage
  • Applicator Set-up
  • Troubleshooting
  • Automation Adjustments
  • Quality Checks
  • Thermal Variances
  • Standards
  • Adhesive Weight

On-Site Technical Support

Regular on-site technical visits are the final catalyst in delivering real and sustainable improvements in your cost and performance.

Included as a part of these regular visits, is a complimentary performance and usage audit.

We then compile an audit report and send back to all your relevant site contacts with a record of usage, key settings and any improvement recommendations.

  • Applicator Checks
  • Operator Training
  • Maintenance Advice
  • Performance Checks
  • Setting Adjustments
  • Usage Auditing
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Same Day Reporting