We believe it’s always time to improve.

Our innovations team continuously monitors market and raw material trends and works to make these available to our partners. This relentless approach has enabled us to continue to make progress and improve the outcomes for our clients, even when it has seemed impossible.

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    How we’re innovating in
    • Food & Beverage Packaging
    • Industrial & Product Assembly
    • Custom Formulations

    Delivering reliable, high performing and cost-efficient adhesives to food & beverage manufacturers is our mission.

    With the ever-increasing volume of food and beverage products being consumed each day in the world, it is our duty to make a positive impact on the cost, quality and environmental impact of products used in this sector.

    Together by adopting new technologies and ways of doing things, we can nourish and protect the future generations.


    We take for granted the research invested in our everyday products, like materials used in our homes, wearable products, buildings and infrastructure.

    It is not until they fail that we think about how these are manufactured. At Siegel Adhesives we believe there is unlimited scope to improve the longevity, strength, versatility and safety of these products by developing innovating adhesive technologies for use in their construction.


    Siegel Adhesives has been, and continues to be, an innovator of custom adhesives formulations.

    For difficult applications or applications outside standard specification, Siegel Adhesives has the resource and capabilities to develop bespoke adhesive solutions.

    This commences with an onsite application analysis then proceeds with a development program, internal and external validation and finally commercialization.