Diaper Construction

Innovative game changing diaper construction hot melt adhesive developed with one of the worlds largest diaper manufacturers.

Process Objectives

In many situations, particularly in the product assembly sector, existing off the shelf adhesive products will not provide a suitable bonding solution. This may be as a result of varied substrate types, line speed or environmental conditions.

Siegel Adhesives offers consultation and development programs to engineer, develop and deliver bespoke adhesive solutions. This program guarantees the best adhesive outcome for the specific situation. This tailored approach has proven to be of great success to reduce the cost or increase the performance of existing solutions.


Request Consultation

Our Technical Teams are available for free technical communications for new or existing adhesives solutions.

    The Process

    The initial objective is to gain a holistic understanding of the adhesive application details.

    This includes analyzing your current adhesives, range of substrates, application practices, processing times, as well as environmental and health & safety requirements, amongst other details.

    Collaborative Onsite Consultation

    Once this information is collected and shared with our team, we then seek to understand these metrics before developing a solution.

    Key performance objectives are established and discussed with you. Then, the development team starts engineering a solution.

    Review & Develop

    Once a solution has been engineered it undergoes rigorous internal testing.

    Once we are happy with the initial tests, we manufacture a trial batch for trialing onsite. Our development team work with you to extensively trial, refine and sign off the custom adhesive solution.

    Validate & Implement