Keeping Coopers leading

Here at Siegel Adhesives, we have been keeping Coopers ahead of the game with our cutting edge adhesive technologies since we became partners in 2014. We have worked closely with Coopers to develop a technology that is uniquely tailored to their product, allowing them to apply wet glue labels to 1200 bottles a minute, a carton of beer a second, and eliminating key packaging and production issues.

“With our partners at Siegel we’ve achieved line efficiencies that would be the envy of any brewer”

Nick Sterenberg, Operations Manager at Coopers Brewery.

Siegel Cleanspek technology in use at Coopers Brewery

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Instant pallet stability on all types of corrugated packaging.

Cleanspek hot melt adhesive which is applied in-line, remains almost invisible, but increases the lateral resistance of the finished pallet by 200%. Once this product is depalletized, it simply can be rubbed off leaving no staining, graphic damage or fibre tear.

This to Coopers meant protecting the image of our premium packaging while also ensuring our beer reaches its destination safely.


Siegel Label-lok technology applied to Coopers bottle

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The next generation of gel synthetic labeling adhesives.

Siegel has developed and introduced 3 generations of Label-lok labelling adhesive technologies for wet glue labelling.

Each new product has allowed us to run our labellers longer and more consistently with less downtime. The current Label-lok gel synthetic adhesive has improved the label dress, set time and usage, by reducing adhesive film weights from 16g to 12g per square meter of label, as well as giving less splatter and reduce cleaning time after each production run.


Siegel Heatspek MAX technology applied to Coopers packaging

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Heatspek MAX

High performing hot melt adhesive for extreme operating conditions.

Heatspek MAX is a premium hot melt adhesive technology; with market-leading adhesion and non-charring properties. The Heatspek MAX formulations are special because of their superb thermal stability which reduces oxidisation or charring in the adhesive applicator.

At Coopers, a carton of beer is produced a second. Heatspek technology has prevented the spasmodic issue of the carton flaps not sealing in-line, which has greatly improved Cooper’s line efficiencies.