Leading Together.

Siegel Adhesives is the largest Australian owned and operated adhesive company with eleven locations throughout Australia & New Zealand.

We are the recognised industry leaders at providing innovative and cost-effective adhesive solutions for the food, beverage, industrial and product assembly sectors.

On any day, our adhesive technologies become an integral part of millions of consumer and industrial products – giving us the unique opportunity to improve the everyday life of millions of people.

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    • Vision
    • Passion
    • Integrity
    • Sustainability
    • Humility

    Looking to our future

    We work to forge a clear path to future adhesive technologies for our clients; being at the forefront of waste reduction, environmental impact reduction and on-line performance improvement. 

    The driving force

    We believe that adhesives are an often unrecognised yet crucial part of every day life. The importance our products and services play in everyday products fuels our passion to improve and make our world better.

    Transparency in who we are

    With the critical part our products play in the performance and reliability of our clients product, our adhesives must be engineered and consistently supplied at exactingly high standards. This requires a lifelong commitment to flawless levels of integrity and transparency. 

    Sustainable business practices 

    We believe it is not a choice, but our duty to ensure our everyday activities are sustainable long into the future. This includes not only safeguarding our business and our clients interests, but protecting the future of our environment.

    Working together 

    We are humbled to partner with world-class manufacturers and industry leaders in many fields. Our partnerships are a mutual learning platform, for us to learn and share knowledge and experience. 

    Servicing Australasia

    We have 11 fully serviced locations across Australia & New Zealand.