Premium, high performing cool melt adhesive for extreme sub-zero and extreme high temperature applications.

Ultimelt COOL is a high performance cool melt packaging adhesive, specifically formulated for demanding packaging lines. Ultimelt COOL is designed to be applied at 130 Celsius to improve pot stability and reduce the OH&S risk of hot melt adhesives. Ultimelt COOL performs exceptionally on high speed inner pack lines requiring superior rheological properties. Ultimelt COOL can be used on all paper, cardboard and card types with all coating and print types. Also suitable for polypropylene and polyethylene applications such as straw attachment.

Why use a cool melt?
Not only does Ultimelt COOL have un-comparable pot stability and anti-char properties due to its low application temperature, but the rheological properties of Ultimelt COOL means, that is has an extremely fast set, high cohesion and all round high performance.
Ultimelt COOL is a synthetic metalocene thermoplastic with a high rubber content to give outstanding adhesive flexibility. Combined with further polymer optimisation, Ultimelt COOL has market leading bond integrity to handle the demands of deep freeze. Ultimelt COOL will penetrate some of the most difficult substrates and maintain a flexible bond at extreme sub-zero temperatures.
Ultimelt COOL is a stand out performer for high speed inner pack lines, high shot rates and short compression times.
What other benefits do they offer?
  • Applied at 130 Celsius to improve pot stability.
  • Reduced energy usage - reducing energy costs.
  • Clean running properties minimise the risk of nozzle blockages.
  • Fast set time facilitates high speed ability.
  • Excellent gap fill properties to increase adhesive yield.
  • Lower cost per unit.  
  • Greater deep freeze capabilities.  


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