2018: Leading Together

Here at Siegel, we are living the dream to become leaders in our field. In 2018, we are combining our passion for development and innovation with that of our clients', together achieving revolutionary results. We have a vision to transform the accepted standard in adhesives, and lead the advancement in the production of consumer goods. By combining technical expertise with specialist skill-sets and innovation, we create a shared philosophy of aptitude with our partners. In this we are driven to push the boundaries of normality and provide answers to our continuous questioning of best practice. We call it THE SIEGEL WAY. Together with our partners, we are constantly reaching towards a goal to be leaders. A goal to be elite. Siegel Adhesives. LEADING. TOGETHER.

Our Why. The purpose.

We revolutionise best practice, and lead the advancement in the production of consumer goods.

What we will achieve.

We are maximising the performance and efficiency of product packaging; by combining specialist advise, high performing adhesives and innovative support solutions.


Vision – we have a relentless drive for innovation and a culture of continuous improvement.

Integrity – we deal with reliability and honesty as they are our most vital products.

Sustainability – we maintain long term relationships and a consistency in all dealings.

Competency - we deliver customer innovation with quality of product and genuine service.  


"It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time."