Innovative water-based palletising solution giving high lateral resistance and no pack damage on a broad range of substrate types.

Pallet-lok is the new innovative water based palletising adhesive. Developed for use on plastic film, standard corrugate, printed corrugate and many other substrates Pallet-lok is the most versatile, user friendly water based pallet stabilizing adhesive yet. This adhesive is applied between pallet layers and offers significant cost, presentation and environmental benefits. Eliminate or reduce pallet wrap and stabilise your loads with Pallet-lok.



Is your pack arriving in perfect condition?

Many food packaging companies are having issues with transport damage which not only costs large sums of money to replace damage product, but damages the corporate image.

Use Pallet-lok pallet stabilisation adhesives ensures you get strong pallet stability throughout transit. Pallet-lok is also easy to apply, easy to clean down from equipment, odour free and safe to use. Minimal application weight is required per pack resulting in a very low add on cost which is by far off-set by the reduction in stretch-wrap.

With a custom developed formulae, the Pallet-lok grades gives excellent adhesion to more glossy board types as well as matte finishes. Pallet-lok dries clear giving no pack damage even on some glossy preprint cases.


Go environmental

With increasing pressure to reduce packaging waste, the Pallet-lok products allow you to reduce outer pallet wrap and therefore minimise packaging waste.

Do your bit to reduce your environmental impact, by reducing outer pallet wrap to the minimum.


Benefits for you:

  • Eliminate pallet damage throughout transportation chain
  • Reduce packaging waste and environmental impact
  • Stop corner crushing of pallet corners as pallet wrap can be reduced in tension and amount
  • No ‘fibre tear’ on a wide range of boards including pre-print
  • Very good stability throughout shipping
  • Massive savings on stretch wrap – minimum of 60% reduction
  • Bond ‘breaks’ when operator removes cases leaving no tacky residue
  • Safe Water-based adhesive



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