The next generation of gel synthetic labeling adhesives.

Label-lok range of gel synthetic labelling adhesive represent the cutting edge in wet labelling adhesive technology. The next generation formulations deliver exceptional yields across a broad range of applications. Due to the chemical make-up of these adhesives we can deliver our clients excellent product, price and performance consistency. To increase performance and usability, decrease over all costs and set time, enquire about Label-lok today.


What is so great about Label-lok wet glue technology?


Label-lok is all about performance, cost and usability. The optimisation of leading edge gel synthetic labelling technology has enabled substantial advances in the wet glue labelling technologies offered to our client base. This technology not only delivers vast technical improvements but is simple to use with a broad operating spectrum. Label-lok excels at fast line speeds, on multiple label types including foil and on difficult bottles.
Label-lok has high ice water and condensation resistance which exceeds industry expectations – while also possessing excellent washability.
Label-lok is casein free which enables delivery of greater performance, price and product consistency.
What other benefits do they offer?
  • Excellent yields allowing significant consumption reductions. 
  • Simple to use with broad operating spectrum. 
  • Excellent washability.
  • Suitable for foil and all label types.
  • High ice water resistance and condensation resistance. 
  • Casein free.



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