Improving the performance, safety and longevity of products in our world.

Improving the performance, safety and longevity of products in our world, through correctly specified, high performance adhesive technologies. We can take for granted the research and investment invested in the products we use and benefit from everyday. This includes the materials used in our homes, buildings and infrastructure, to the products we wear and use everyday. It is not until they fail that we think about how these are manufactured. As Siegel we believe there is unlimited scope to improve the longevity, strength, versatility and safety of these products by developing innovating adhesive technologies for use in their construction.



Our Impact 


Client Objective

We aim to continue to deliver new innovative polymer and adhesive technologies to increase the strength, reliability and durability of assembled products used in our world. The achievement of this has significant economic impact for our clients.

Consumer Objectives

We aim to increase the safety and life expectancy of everyday products. This can be achieved by eliminating failures and safety risks in products for the building and transport sectors. And increasing the durability and life expectancy of items such as clothing, furniture, mattresses and appliances.

Health & Safety Objectives

Our objective is to reduce and eliminate threats to the health and safety of everyday consumers in assembled products. This will be achieved by eliminating hazardous products and volatile organic compounds. Also to increase the reliability and safety of these assembled products.



Our Technologies 


Polyurethane Adhesives

Polyurethane – Solvent Based 1 Part

Polyurethane – Solvent Based 2 Part

Polyurethane – Solvent Free


Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot Melt – Pressure Sensitive

Hot Melt – Permanent Pressure Sensitive

Hot Melt – Thermoplastic

Hot Melt – Polyurethane


Water Based Adhesives

Water based – copolymer

Water based – homopolymer

Water based – synthetic