Premium hot melt adhesive technology; with market leading adhesion and non-charring properties. Formulated to reduce overall adhesive costs while increasing operational efficiency.

Why does Heatspek technology offer higher operational efficiency? The Siegel technical team focused on developing a market leading synthetic formulation to decrease the amount of adhesive required per production unit, while increasing the relative bond strength. Heatspek formulations are unique due to their superb thermal stability. Improved heat stability assists in eliminating nozzle blockages and production downtime due to oxidisation and charring. Heatspek possesses higher adhesion properties which improves yields and decreases the amount of adhesive required per carton This reduces the overall cost of the adhesives in each application. This optimised metallocene formulation is designed to deliver maximum operating efficiency at the lowest cost per production unit.


Why will Heatspek hot melt technology save you money?
The Heatspek formulations are special because of their superb thermal stability which reduces oxidisation or charring in the adhesive applicator. 
Most of the Heatspek grades change less than 5% in viscosity after being heated for 7 days in the tank. This contributes to the elimination of charring, maintenance and operational issues due to poor heat stability. 
The higher adhesion properties also decrease the amount required per carton, reducing the overall cost of the adhesives in each application. 
What other benefits does Heatspek deliver?
  • Completely fume free with no strong odours.
  • Pure white in appearance highlighting the high quality raw materials used in this grade.
  • Reduced stringing from nozzles reducing daily build up on machine parts.
  • Reduces nozzle blockages, these grades stay clear in the melt tanks for long periods of time without degrading.
  • Reduced maintenance and improved longevity of applicator parts.



Hot Melt Adhesive