Premium, high performing hot melt adhesive for extreme operating conditions.

Heatspek MAX is a premium, high performing thermoplastic adhesive for extreme sub-zero and extreme high temperature applications. Heatspek MAX is engineered on a synthetic resin base delivering a high level of performance and thermal stability. Heatspek MAX is designed for use on all cardboard, paper and card applications. It can also be used on printed, glossed and functional coated board types.

Why use Heatspek MAX?
Heatspek MAX is a synthetic metalocene thermoplastic adhesive with a high percentage rubber content. Combined with further polymer optimisation, Heatspek MAX has market leading bond integrity to handle the demands of deep freeze and extreme heat stress conditions.
Heatspek MAX will penetrate some of the most difficult substrates and maintain a flexible bond at extreme sub-zero temperatures.
Ultimately, Heatspek MAX is our solution to all extreme packaging applications when it comes to speed, flexibility and durability, as it possesses all the clean running features of a synthetic metalocene.
What other benefits does Heatspek MAX offer?
  • Clean running properties minimise the risk of nozzle blockages.
  • Fast set time facilitates high speed applications.
  • Excellent gap fill properties to increase adhesive yield.
  • Lower cost per unit.  
  • Greater deep freeze capabilities.
  • Extreme heat resistance properties


Hot Melt Adhesive