Delivering reliable, high performance, high yielding and cost-efficient adhesives technologies to food & beverage manufacturers is our mission. With the volume of food and beverage products being consumed each day in the world, it is our duty to make an impact on the future of our world.


Our Impact

Client Objectives 

We aim to deliver the highest performing adhesive technologies that have a real impact on reducing maintenance requirements, increasing reliability and production line up time.

Consumer Objectives 

We aim to reduce the cost of living for all citizens, by stabilizing the cost and volume of adhesives used to deliver everyday consumer items to the end user.

Environmental Objectives

We aim to develop adhesive technologies with less environmental impact, focusing on biodegradable polymer technologies, and improving yields to reduce the relative volumes required.



Our Applications


Case & carton sealing – produce cases

Case & carton sealing – freezer grade

Case & carton sealing – heat resistant

Case & carton sealing – sift proof packaging

Envelopes - front seal

Envelopes - side seam

Envelopes - window

Labelling – aluminum

Labelling – glass

Labelling – plastics

Pre-glued labels – remoistenable

Pre-glued labels – self adhering

Multi-wall bags - block bottom

Multi-wall bags - pinch bottom

Multi-wall bags - side

Sacks - handle attachment

Sacks - security bags

Specialty packaging - ream wrapping

Specialty packaging - straw attachment

Tubewinding - composite cans

Tubewinding - cores & tubes