Efficiency is doing things right.

The Siegel Efficiency Check is designed to decrease glue usage, eliminate unnecessary downtime and increase overall productivity. Optimum efficiency is key to a perfect adhesive application. This is the reason why Siegel's customer care network is based around auditing, optimizing and upholding operating standards. Once an adhesive is commissioned - our focus is to ensure each applicator on each production line is optimised continuously.

Unit Cost Check & Auditing 

Siegel is committed to ensuring our customers improve efficiency and keep production going. The Siegel Unit Cost Check is a measurement system to quantify adhesive costs per item regardless of speeds or variables involved.

Siegel consultants are then able to assess potential total cost reduction solutions whilst enhancing quality, reducing downtime and improving line efficiency. This value-added service has saved Siegel customer’s significant resources by looking at cost per unit rather than cost per weight unit. Price per weight unit is only part of the equation when it comes to calculating the true cost for each item bonded. This process takes into consideration downtime and maintenance cost associated.

Have you ever considered how much your downtime, caused by charred adhesive and clogged nozzles increases your overall cost?  Have you ever considered if you could get by with using less adhesive without sacrificing perfect bond performance? What if you could virtually eliminate downtime, use less product and reduce the amount per unit to bond all at the same time?

This is what the Siegel efficiency checks are all about - this is offered as standard support protocol for Siegel clients. On-site presence, laboratory testing of customers' boards and labels, and overseeing of line trials and audits are all features of our company ethos focussed on providing the optimum solution to maximise production efficiency. In all our product ranges, emphasis is on performance and quality to give greater savings through reduced consumption and by cutting downtime from nozzle blockages and stringing.

Quality Control Points

During regular on-site auditing – our application consultants will set up a Quality Control Standard; with a clear record of each setting relating to the application of the adhesive. This is then displayed on-line to ensure the maintenance team or other personnel do not change the settings outside the optimum operating settings. By doing this we have a benchmark and can reduce if not eliminate issues with application and can also increase the likelihood of continued efficiency.

All settings and historic operating settings are kept for instant access by our support team. Any time of the day or night our customer help line can advise professionally based on the accurate setting records.



"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."