The Ecospek technology is a premium Ethylene Vinyl Acetate co-polymer technology, formulated to deliver cost effective and high performance adhesive solution for a wide range of applications.

The Ecospek range of adhesives offers an economical adhesive alternative to a broad range of applications. The foundation these formulations are based on is the traditional EVA technology - modified to improve heat stability properties, substrate penetration and overall performance. With a range of grades for difficult applications, frovi boards, low melt applications the Ecospek technology is broad in its application. An economic alternative the price conscious can not go past.


Why does the Ecospek range offer an economical alternative?


The Ecospek technology is an optimised version of a traditional EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) formulation. EVA adhesives typically were very low in cost per kg, making them attractive to the cost conscious client. 

But were they as cost effective as they appeared?

EVA adhesive generally have very low heat stability properties. This causes many operational issues; especially in low use applications. EVA adhesives with time ccan oxidise in the tank and lines, blocking filters and nozzles and damaging pumps. As a result downtime increases, spare parts and servicing costs increase and the overall cost of the adhesive is actually much more than the low price per kg. 

The Ecospek technology has taken an EVA formulation and modified the co-polymers the delivers better heat stability to reduce charring issues at a similar cost per kg. 


What other benefits do they offer?


  • Low cost per kg - very economical.
  • Reduced odours and fumes when molten. 
  • High quality raw materials used for increased heat stability and product consistency. 
  • Reduced stringing from nozzles reducing daily build up on machine parts.
  • Reduced risk of nozzle blockages and charring in hot melt system.
  • Low application temperature – improving operator safety – grades from 120 degree centigrade.
  • Reduced maintenance and improved longevity of applicator parts.


"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."