Discover the Siegel difference.

Siegel Adhesives is a unique adhesive development company, which is fuelled by a culture of passion, vibrancy and ingenuity. Siegel was formed in response to a market need for next generation adhesive technologies with on-time and consistent expertise to support this innovation. The single objective was to deliver the unrestrained value of innovation and expertise to the end user. This unique business philosophy has challenged the integrity of many best practices and existing theories in relation to deliverable value. This shared philosophy has been embraced by many leading manufacturers, with whom we partner to continue pushing to boundaries of performance and cost effectiveness of adhesive technologies. Siegel is committed to collaborating with leading companies that believe in the value of research and innovation to deliver real improvements with sustainable and consistent bottom line value.


Our Purpose

At Siegel Adhesives our purpose is in essence to create quality relationships through improvements in three key areas.
These are: Triple P= Presentation , Productivity and Profitability.
Regardless of whether Siegel product is for a new application or an existing application, it must provide an advantage through maximising our clients' triple P.
We also recognise and respect that our purpose to bring about improvements in these areas is not suited to all potential clients.
There are fundamental, mutual qualities both our organisations must possess to enable the fulfilment of both our objectives

Quality Relationships

Quality relationships can only be formed with companies that recognise our ability to improve the production environment through unconventional technologies as commercially beneficial.
Companies that recognise this don’t measure our role in their supply chain as just a price per item or per unit; but realising it includes far more than that. Our approach affects metrics including improvements in usages, improvements in production performance, improvements in rejects and wastage, and overall improvements in overall profitability.
In return we recognise that we have become a small part of their bigger picture and a part of their higher purpose and we fulfil our single promise.
Our promise to our clients is to improve and maximise the product presentation, productivity and profitability of your company through enhancing the application of adhesive technology.

Perfect Adhesion. We deliver customised adhesive solutions tailored to the needs of our clients.


Triple P