Instant pallet stability on all types of packaging with Cleanspek hot melt adhesive technology.

Keep your pallet intact with Cleanspek. Cleanspek is applied in a near invisible swirl onto each unit to increase the lateral stability of the finished pallet. This cost effective pallet stability concept enables 60% to 100% elimination of pallet wrap and total elimination of layer cards and slip sheets. This offers significant cost saving. Cleanspek gives peace of mind guaranteeing the load stability during transportation minimising litigation risk.


Keep your customers happy

  • Reduce environmental impact from excess packaging waste
  • Stop corner crushing on boxes from Pallet Wrap
  • Cleanspek works well on film and card
  • Fast set speed means loads can be transported immediately
  • Works onto water repellent surfaces


Easy to apply      


  • Cleanspek is applied by a hot melt unit using a swirl or jet to put a small amount on each pack as it passes down the production line.
  • Supplied in pillows for easy handling, these are simply dropped into a melter tank. There is no silicone paper to dispose of.


Keep your brand on view

  • Almost invisible glue pattern
  • Keep your identity with no excess packaging
  • No fibre tear on unpacking
  • Pallets can be split down and replaced with little loss of performance




Hot Melt Packaging